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Since 2001, the electric publishing wing of kobek.com has offered freely available editions of obscure, outlandish and otherwise outré works of semi-fine literature. While this tradition continues unabated, the texts themselves are subject to the irrational dictates and whimsies of outrageous fortune. Some disappear forever. Others return after an absence, redesigned and re-presented for the perceived New Aeon. Below is the current roster. Most works are in the PDF format. A handful are not. New texts surface irregularly, on a schedule that is tied to biannual lunar phases. You get what you pay for.


The Oldest History of the World Discovered by Occult Science in Detroit, Michigan by Benny Evangelist
Online edition of what started it all. Author was murdered and decapitated in 1929.

Aceldama by Aleister Crowley
The Beast's first book. About as bad as the rest.

The Collected Patents of James Shelby Downard (SR.)
Many, many devices related to the preparation of asphalt. Son of the inventor wrote one of the craziest books of all time. (The patents are a plot point.)


The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen
I laughed at the Great God Pan! I dinnae, I dinnae!

The Joviall Crew or The Devil turn'd Ranter (1651)
Anti-Ranter dialogue.



Poe's Helen by Caroline Ticknor
Detailed biography of Sarah Helen Whitman. Toshy upper crust Providence, Stage Life and Poe.


Early British Trackways by Alfred Watkins
Discover the pulsing spiritual power of the ley. Wait, no. Discover that stuff lines up.


Eleusinia by Arthur Machen
The Welshman's first writing.

The Young Folks' Ulysses by H.P. Lovecraft, Age Seven
And what did you do when you were seven years of age?

The Star-Treader and Other Poems by Clark Ashton Smith
Nineteen years old and under the sway of George Sterling. Watch out.


The Autobiography of Jesse Harding Pomeroy, 1875.
Written and published whilst Pomeroy awaited trial.

Selections from the Writings of Jesse Harding Pomeroy, Life Prisoner Since 1876
Written and published forty-five years after Pomeroy awaited trial.

Hours of Life by Sarah Helen Whitman
Less than stellar book of poetry.

The Mystery of Pain by James Hinton
Mystery solved: God kills everything that you love.

Mary Dyer of Rhode Island, The Quaker Martyr That Was Hanged on Boston Common, June 1, 1660 by Horatio Rogers
Bonus material includes details of monster births.